Eye Pleasing Camera Icon Aesthetic That Complements Both Dock and Home Screen

There is no doubt that iOS is the best performer with the most efficient processor and a top-rated camera. The A series bionic chips on the iPhones are unmatched by any Android phone present now. This follows for the iPads as well. 

But, one of the main downgrades due to which most tech enthusiasts prefer Android over apple phones is lack of customization. The features offered by iOS are way limited when compared to any android.

 Icons like cameras are the same since the iPhones were introduced and chances are you are already vexed with its look. Well, the iOS 14 update brought in a ton of most awaited customizable features now.

There are many major changes in the iOS system, but one of the most popular features currently is the option to change the icon aesthetics. So, finally, you can make your iPhone home screen and the camera icon feel like your own and not similar to other iPhones.

But, it is a tiring task to find a camera icon aesthetic that complements your home screen wallpaper, overall look, and other icons as well. Thus, here we are going to provide you with a selective range of high-quality camera icon aesthetics that you will indeed love. So, here we go!

Why should you apply Camera Icon Aesthetic?

All the iPhones, no matter what you choose look the same with a similar home screen and the same icons. But, here are the reasons why you should go for the camera icon aesthetic from the conventionally available ones

  1. Make a unique looking home screen setup that astonishes everyone
  2. Create an elegant look of the home screen with similar icons 
  3. Make the icon aesthetic merge with the home screen style
  4. Change the entire look of your dock that stays all the time
  5. Better if you are sharing a screen recording video on any social media platform
  6. Smart choice if you are showcasing your phone on your vlogs due to any reason 
  7. Shocks the iPhone users who are using the same icons from the beginning
  8. Give a change to your iPhone that you are using with the same aesthetic since the iPhones have emerged

How to change the camera icon aesthetic to the provided ones?

Although iOS brought in the feature to change the look of the icons, the process is quite lengthy compared to android. To use the camera icon aesthetic provided below, you need to follow these steps

  • Select the icon aesthetic that you prefer on your home screen 
  • Download the photo on your iPhone
  • Open the Shortcuts application and navigate towards the camera icon by entering the name
  • Click on the photo of the icon which is already present on your phone
  • You will get an option to add photos from your phone
  • Go to the downloads folder and select the photo of the icon aesthetic you like
  • You will find your camera shortcut on the home screen changed 

Now that you are here, you must be looking for some appealing icons that can meet your expectations to make the best iOS home screen, here we go

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