IFHRMS login – karuvoolam.tn.gov.in 2021 (கருவூலம் இஎஹ்ர்மஸ்)

A great initiative by Tamil Nadu Government to maintain state resources: IFHRMS

Tamil Nadu Government has established an online portal called IFHRMS which stands for Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System. Being a great step towards digitizing the state’s human resources in major fields, it is being appreciated all over India. Well, here is the vision and mission behind laying a foundation for such a hugely appreciated project for the first time in the country. 

As per the administration of Tamil Nadu, it was taking around 10 days just to disperse the payroll to pensioners and state employees of different sectors. Yes, this period is quite overwhelming for a dedicated team of government employees and can be indeed used in other productive works. 

The IFHRMS project was started to overcome the time-consuming efforts of the dedicated team in the existing system. It is estimated that the task that was once consuming more than 10 days can be completed in a single day. This literally means that all the beneficiaries, may it be pensioners or state government employees can get their income on the same day of release without waiting or the need to travel.

How to login into IFHRMS online portal?

With a user-friendly interface and incredible optimization, IFHRMS is quite a handy space that can be accessed from any device, at any time. All you need is to follow the simple steps provided below and you are all good to use every single feature and option present in this portal.

Step 1: – Open a safe browser on your mobile or our PC and Navigate towards the official Tamil Nadu Government website https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/oamlogin 

Step 2: – As soon as you open the online portal, you can see the login form in the left of the home page

Step 3: – Enter the user ID and password on the box given and click on the blue colored submit button present below. (In case you don’t have access to them anymore, you need to click on “forgot UserID” or “Forgot Password” button present below submit. To retrieve your user ID and password, you must have the phone with the registered number with you)

Step 4: – Once you click on submit button, you can get access to all the readily available options like reference documents, photo gallery and different departments etc. 

If you are a pensioner using this platform, you need to select the user type option required while logging in and click on pensioner. As a pensioner, you also need to give the PPO number in addition to user ID and password to get the details about your pension and its payslip.

Who can benefit from the IFHRMS portal?

All the major departments of Tamil Nadu Government are the beneficiaries of this project. Besides, it is already on the air that the departments will keep on increasing every year. Currently the list of all the head of departments that can get benefits from IFHRMS include

  • Local Fund Audit
  • Pension
  • Small Saving
  • Treasuries and Accounts
  • Co-Operative Audit
  • Government data center
  • Chief Auditor of Statutory Boards 

How to download payslip PDF from IFHRMS portal?

Besides getting access to different services as a government employee or a pensioner, you can download the complete details of the payroll in the pdf format. Here is how you can download your payslip from the IFHRMS portal

Step 1: – Go to the IFHRMS login portal from a safe browser

Step 2: – Complete the login process by entering the user ID and password

Step 3: – Click on “open” option present besides IFHRMS page which will open a new page

Step 4: – You can find OPEN option now, click on it

Step 5: – Now, open ebsprd.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in 

Step 6: – Select the Payroll option present in the next page

Step 7: – Tap on results and you will get into the Payroll results page in the dashboard of IFHRMS login

Step 8: – Select the period name and click on the regular salary by clicking on the bill type

Step 9: – Search for the paybill group based on your requirement

Step 10: – Tap on the document link on the Payslip option

Step 11: – A document will open in your browser, click on download option and open it 

Once downloaded, you can find all the required details in the payslip such as pay details including the dearness allowance, duty pay, medical allowance etc. It also has the details of the net pay credited including the House rent allowance and other necessary payment receipts.

The customer care number of the website authority is also present in the website using which you can resolve all kinds of queries at ease. As per the administration, this new system will be able to integrate various stakeholders such as RBI agency banks, accountant general, controller general of accounts etc. 

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