Meesho Supplier Login: the easy to follow steps for joining as the reputed seller

Meesho, an online platform, offers commissions to people in return for reselling products. eCommerce website, with a wide variety of products, lets you resell products to customers. Get a commission and make a career for yourself. In this article, you will get data about Meesho Supplier Login. Meesho Supplier Login and the process of reselling on Meesho isn’t tough when you’re knowledgeable about the tips.

The Internet has become a good way to earn money. Meesho opens possibilities of doing good income sitting at home t. earn money through the internet.

Meesho Supplier Registration

The complete stepwise information to register is as follows:

1.           Go to the official website Meesho.

2.           Homepage will appear in front of you.

3.           Click on the ‘Become a Supplier’ Option. You will find that on the top menu.

4.           New page will appear. Click on the ‘Start Selling‘ option that you can find in the top menu.

5.           Registration form will appear. Enter mobile number, Email ID, OTP, and password.

6.           Click on ‘Create Account.

7.           New page will appear. Enter your GSTIN >>>click on Verify.

8.           Proceed by clicking ‘Continue.’

9.           Fill up Pickup Address >>>click on the ‘Continue‘ button.

10.        On the next page, fill in bank details such as Bank Account, IFSC Code, and Bank Account Holder Name.

11.        Click on ‘Continue. ‘

12.        Fill in the Supplier Details>>>submit it.

Registration will be complete, and you become registered as a supplier on the Meesho portal.

Login Process for Meesho Supplier

Once you register yourself as a supplier on the Meesho portal, log in on the portal. For that too, you will have to follow the step-wise procedure. The steps can easily log you onto the Meesho portal.

1.           First, go to the official website Meesho Supplier.

2.           Go to the official website.

3.           After that, a new page appears. Enter your email ID and password.

4.           As soon as you enter the details, click on ‘Login. ‘

Thus, you get logged into the portal. You can get the dashboard in front of you.

Product Listing Meesho Supplier

When you are a registered product supplier on Meesho, you can sell products on Meesho. The step-wise process of the product selling makes it even better.

1.           Go to the official Meesho website of Supplier.

2.           Login page will appear. Enter the email ID and password>>>log in.

3.           After logging in, the dashboard will appear.

4.           On the left side, click ‘Catalog Upload. ‘

5.           New page appears. Add multiple products>>> click on the ‘Add Catalogs in Bulk.’ In case you want the addition of a single product, click on ‘Add Single Catalog.

6.           Go to next page>>>select the category of product>>> go to Sub Category.

7.           Then, you can get the option to add images to the right side. Read the instructions and add images.

8.           Proceed to next page. Fill in details regarding the product. Fill in the product GST, HSN Code, price, Product Weight, Country, Material, Size, Color, etc. Make sure to add an image to the right side.

9.           Fill in all product details.

10.        After filling in the information, click on the ‘Submit Catalog.

11.        A popup will appear, and to confirm, click on submit. This is the way by which you list your product. The product will go live after review.

How to reset Meesho Supplier Login Password?

There may be a chance that you forget your Meesho login password. This is the time that you will not be able to log in. So, to curb such issues, reset passwords to log in.

1.           Go to the official Meesho Supplier website.

2.           Login page will appear. Click on the ‘Forgot Password‘ under the login form.

3.           Enter registered email ID>>>click on ‘Submit Email‘n.

4.           As you get a mail, you’ll see there is a link to set a new password.

5.           Click on the link,  and then you can get the option to change the password. Enter your password>>>submit it.

Following the steps as mentioned above, you can reset the password easily.

Meesho Supplier Login: Meesho App Download  

Mobile users are more than computer users. People go to the official Meesho website through mobile, but the problem is that they face many problems. This is the reason to get access to Meesho’s official app. You can get access to the services of the portal available on this app. people can easily use Meesho’s services through mobiles. The step-wise complete procedure to install the Meesho app is as follows.

1.           Open the playstore.

2.           Search by writing “Meesho. “

3.           Official app of Meesho will be visible.

4.           Install the app>>>click on the ‘Install. ‘

Meesho Supplier Mobile Registration

Even without a desktop, you can sell products on Meesho. The official app is available where you will get the services of the portal. The app lets you register as a supplier.

•            install the app. The size is about 12 MB.

•            open the app>>>click on the ‘Continue‘ button

•            enter mobile number>>>click on ‘Use Whatsapp‘ or ‘Use SMS. ‘ With that, you can receive OTP on mobile. Verify OTP.

•            Fill in your details like Age, Gender, Occupation, Eye.

•            click on the ‘Continue‘ button. This method registers immediately. Fill in details.

•            fill in details like Bank Details, Pickup Details, GSTIN, etc., click on ‘Account’>>>click on ‘Edit Profile.

•            fill in details.

•            Cick on “submit.” Thus, in this way, you can become the supplier of the Meesho mobile app.

Final words

Meesho, an online reselling platform with more than 10 million resellers, is opening avenues for income for women. Women who are connected on this website can make some extra income. Meesho is the one-stop destination for selling Women Ethnic, Men, Beauty & Footwear, Women Western, Jewelry & Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Kids, Electronics, to name a few. The quality of the product on Meesho is very good, and the price is also good. 

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